High G

This is a recent commission with the Royal Air Force and Thales depicting a series of iconic elements from the RAF’s new High G Force simulator for fast jet pilots .

The helmet is from the new F35 Lightning jet. Each helmet costs $400,000 and enables the pilot to see through the bottom of the jet by strategically positioned cameras under the aircraft.

The simulator can accelerate to up to 8G ( 8 times a pilots normal body weight in G force ) in under 2 seconds.


I’ve started a new personal project this Spring on the tallest sand dune in Europe – The Dune Du Pilat in the Arcachon Bay area of France, 60 km from Bordeaux.

I’m currently shooting a short film on the dune which should be ready in a few weeks time.

Here’s some stills shots to support the film.

The Red Route

Trips to Crete, Italy and Slovenia over the past month has given me the opportunity to start shooting a personal aerial series on switchback roads which I’m calling The Red Route.
I wanted to experiment with an aggressive colour treatment and red lent itself to the parched earth in Greece but by happy coincidence also worked well on tree lined roadways.
I’m currently editing a short film for Rapha and am minded to use this grade for the opening sequence.

The Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi

It was an honour to fly out to Abu Dhabi last month to shoot the Louvre Abu Dhabi. A quite astonishing building designed by architect Jean Nouvel.

Retouching by the excellent Nick Humphries

Francis Crick Institute

The Francis Crick Institute is one of the worlds leading biomedical research facilities.

Over 1500 scientists and support staff work from this astounding building in Central London. Designed by HOK and PLP Architecture its open plan core is surrounded by labs, lecture theatres and office space on a giant scale with an amazing curved roof form and dichroic glass sun shields. Just stunning to shoot.


Ultra Violet.

Fascinating stuff, whilst directing a film for Akzo Nobel recently I decided to shoot some stills of the UV Array at the centre of the technology we were capturing.

Combat hospital trauma bay, Afghanistan.

I was commissioned to produce a short film on this state of the art facility in Kandahar Air Base a couple of years ago.
Sadly the film was not for public release but I was cleared to photograph the Combat hospital trauma bays.
Every single dressing tape, suction pump and numerous other bits of kit were pre positioned with the explicit purpose of quickly saving lives.
Interestingly despite dealing with serious combat injuries this hospital had one of the best survival rates in the world.

Dawn till Dusk

A few months ago I set up a new production company to handle my directorial work: Darkslide Productions

This short promo film was our first project.

A superb collaboration between Red Cameras, Cine Photo Pro and the fabulous Rapha Clothing.

A slightly surreal take on Rapha’s incredible reflective clothing designs.

Shot over 3 days with an amazingly dedicated crew.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque is probably my absolute favourite building.
This is part of an ongoing project to capture the mosque in all its glory.
No expense has been spared in its construction, the materials are flawless and its eye wateringly beautiful – especially at dusk in the dry, dusty Abu Dhabi air.
I lived in the UAE for a few years after college so I have a great affection for the country but for me, even with the incredible skyscrapers down the road in Dubai this building beats them all. More images to follow in the coming weeks.

Leitz Park, Wetzlar

I was one of the first photographers to shoot with the new Leica S 007. This is a series of photographs taken on the new camera.

They were shot at Leica Camera’s principal manufacturing facility for professional camera systems and lenses.

Above the Clouds

Ever since learning to fly as a teenager I have loved the quality of light above the clouds.

Part of an ongoing personal aerial series.