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Photographer and Director.

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We live in exciting times and it is a genuine thrill to create a unique vision for my clients through clean lines, an enthusiastic use of one point perspective and a cinematic style that has won numerous awards including Best in Category twice at the AOP Awards London and 2nd Place in the IPA Awards in New York.

Inspired as a small boy watching air force jets flying ultra low over the family home I gained a pilots licence before I could drive a car. After a brief flirtation with a military flying career I moved in a radically different direction and instead attended University of Westminster in London to study professional photography. A module on Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey changed my entire perspective.

I now specialise in capturing the forces of technology in our ever changing world.

We are living through the fastest, most radical transformation in society where robotics, AI, autonomy, cutting edge architecture and even spaceflight are touching the lives of millions every day. My clients ask me to depict these complex technologies through carefully crafted stills, motion and CGI productions.

Over the past few years I have been directing short commercial films and TV commercials and am now expanding my showreel into VR and AR.  My recent short for Leica Camera on the manufacturing of the M10 camera went viral and has now attracted over half a million views in total.

I travel globally to get the job done – whether it’s a half day shoot for myself and an assistant in the City of London or a weeks shoot with a crew of ten in Asia, every one of us is a passionate perfectionist who never forgets that work is also supposed to be fun.

I am now dividing my time between London and New York.

I am also a Non-Executive Director of the Association of Photographers in London.

Particular areas of specialisation:

Tech industries, automotive manufacturing, aerospace, urban landscape, aerial photography and filming.

Clients : Akzo Nobel, Barclays Bank, BMW, Breitling, Conde Nast, Ferrari, Four Seasons, Google, Havas, Inmarsat, Jetcraft, KLM, Leica Camera, London Gatwick Airport, Shell Lubricants, Thales Aerospace, Thoughtworks, Toshiba, Porsche, Rapha, Rolls Royce, Virgin Galactic, 3M

I carbon offset 100% of my CO2 emissions from my global travel.

    IPA Awards, New York. 2020

    2nd Place "One Shot” for Porsche Type 64 Ice Race.

    International Colour Awards, LA. 2020

    Finalist nominee for The Causeway, Dune Du Pilat, New York Apartments, Red 1

    Association of Photographers Awards 2020

    Finalist nominee with Porsche Type 64 Ice Race

    International Colour Awards, LA 2019

    Honourable Mention for Crete Switchback

    International Colour Awards, LA. 2019

    Finalist nominee for Doha Canopy and Boeing Jet Interior

    IPA Awards New York 2018

    Honorable Mentions for Gotland, Louvre, and Spaceship 2

    IPA Awards New York 2017

    3rd Place for Autostadt

    IPA Awards New York 2017

    Honorable Mentions for Future Tunnel and BMX Park

    Association Of Photographers Awards 2016

    UK, Finalist nominee in Commissioned Design Series ‘The Original Cloud Based Network’

    Black and White Spider Awards 2015

    US , Finalist nominee in Advertising category for “Racing Driver”

    Annual International Colour Awards 2015

    US. Fine Art Finalist nominee with “Kandahar Trauma Bay”

    Association of Photographers Awards – Best In Category 2015

    Non Commissioned Environment with ” Autostadt “

    Association of Photographers Awards 2014

    UK, Nominee in Design Category with “Matterhorn.”

    HIPA [Hamdam International Photography Awards], Dubai. 2013

    Finalist nominee with ‘Breitling Jet Team

    Shanghai International Photographic Festival 2012

    Selected Finalist photographer with exhibition of Metropolis portfolio

    Photography Masters Cup 2012

    US: Finalist nominee in the Advertising category with ‘Breitling Jets’ and ‘Jet D’Eau, Geneva’ in the Abstract category.

    Association of Photographers Awards 2012

    Nominee in Commissioned Advertising category for Bentley Mulsanne Factory 1

    Association of Photographers Awards – Best in Category 2012

    UK, Winner in Commissioned Advertising for Bentley Mulsanne Factory 2

    Photography Masters Cup – Best in Category 2010

    US. Category Landscape. ‘Atlantic Road’ and nominations with ‘Subaru Cosworth’ ‘Hockey Pitch’ and Metropolis

    Association Of Photographers Open Awards 2010 2010

    UK: Winner “Oslo Cafe” & “Nadal, Wimbledon”

    Photography Masters 2010

    US: Advertising Nominee for “Bikes over Paris”