Porsche Details

Macro automotive details for Porsche GB as part of a larger ongoing project for the company.

The shots here include details of the classic Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid supercar.


The Docks

I’ve just been testing a new telephoto lens for the Leica SL so we did some aerial work over the docks this weekend.

These were shot out of a Cessna 182.

The scale of these operations is amazing. Literally thousands of containers moving goods in and out of the UK. Thoughts relating to the stupidity of Brexit are never far away when I photograph a scene like this. .



Dune Du Pilat, France.

Last week I was shooting with Dassault in Bordeaux.

The morning after the shoot we went and lifted the drone over this astonishing spectacle.

Europe’s tallest sand dune nestled between the Atlantic Ocean, an enormous pine forest, the Arcachon Bay.

I will be back in the coming weeks to make a short film on this amazing natural marvel.



I’ve just completed a lovely shoot for one of Europe’s leading film and video hire companies : Pixipixel, London

This is an ongoing commission. We started with some photography of their excellent cine testing facilities at the London base.


Airbus A400M Flightdeck

Now free of embargo, I’m thrilled to reveal this shot of the flight deck on the Airbus A400M military transport aircraft, shot for Thales Aerospace.



London Icons for Gatwick Airport

This was a great commission for London Gatwick Airport featuring the architectural icons of London.

Day and night views were created that showcase the best of London to passengers using Duty Free. It runs as an animated sequence on giant screens.

These were shot along the River Thames over 1 day with some superb retouching and composite work by Nick

It was very similar to my 2017 Siemens global campaign shot in Hong Kong

Production was through Imaginar Studio, London.


Leica Campaign : Rapha Riders

We have just completed a great campaign film and a series of stills shots for Leia Camera in Germany. The film will run on social media channels and in store until 2019. Shot in the UK’s Peak District with a group of amazing Rapha riders.



The Naked Boeing

Ok, so I will admit I had to curb my enthusiasm when this commission came in from longstanding client CTM Design.
This is what your holiday Boeing 737 looks like straight out of the factory before its paint livery, seating and interior are fitted.
The silver cabin insulation is clear to see as are thousands and thousands of rivets and weld points.
A rare occasion where you get a sense of an aircraft being a mass of wires and bent welded metal.
A fascinating job.


Havas Kings Cross HKX

A lovely commission for Havas Worldwide a few weeks ago.

The brief was to capture the essence of their astounding new building in Kings Cross, a selection of architectural interiors inter dispersed with some candid images of the teams at work.


New Leica film goes viral

I’m delighted to report our new short for Leica,  “A masterpiece in the making” has gone viral with over 250,000 views in the first week. We are now at nearly half a million views in total. We flew to Wetzlar, Germany to document the production of the new Leica M10 camera.



I’ve been using drones for about 5 years.
Our first foray was with a heavy lift hexacopter capable of carrying a RED for a promo video with Porsche Driver Experience at Silverstone.
Nowadays the craft can be smaller but still capture great, perfectly useable 4K footage and decent stills.
For my personal work and for shoot scouting I fly a Mavic Pro.
UAVs reveal such interesting perspectives that despite the danger of cliche they still have a lot to offer visually.
These test shots were captured by me this morning at a Fruit Farm in Essex.


Porsche Panamera

We had great fun shooting this Porsche Panamera cut away car late last year.
The location is Loch Lochy in the Scottish Highlands.
Thinking about it, I’ve spent a lot of time in Scotland these past 12 months, not that I’m complaining..


Robotic Surgeons

I recently had the privilege of shooting a new marketing campaign for the most astounding British tech company : Cambridge Medical Robotics.

I remember at my first pre production meeting in January been blown away by the engineering complexity and beauty of movement of these surgical robots. The most advanced in the world with a unique joint mimicking the human arm. These robots will be game changers for surgeons across the world carrying out keyhole surgery.


Bristow Helicopters for Barclays.

I  have recently returned from a two week grand tour of the Scottish Highlands for Barclays Bank.

Shooting an in branch campaign showcasing the very best of Scottish life, covering everything from dramatic highland landscapes to trout fisherman on the River Dee.

This particular series of shots was taken in collaboration with Bristow Helicopters based in Aberdeen.

Bristow’s supply nationwide Search and Rescue and offshore helicopter support for the Scottish oil and gas industry. I don’t mind admitting I was truly in my element on this part of the commission.

Retouching by Nick Humphries.


A Salt Mine in Romania

The maddest location I was commissioned to shoot this year?

Unquestionably the Salina Turda Salt Mine in the Durga-Valea Sarata area of Romania.

This ex salt mine is now randomly a leisure park including underground lake with rowing boats, bowling alley and concert hall.

A 1km tunnel takes you to an elevator that drops you down into the largest cavern I’ve ever seen. Big enough to house a full size ferris wheel.

At one point my assistant and I climbed onto wooden planks positioned 112metres directly above the black boating lake, the walls of this vertical cavern had the most astonishing salt patterns.

Weird and wonderful.


Porsche UK

I’ve been fortunate to spend a large chunk of this summer shooting for Porsche UK.

Whilst much of my work is for premium brands in the automotive and aerospace sectors its still  a privilege to work with such a superb automotive manufacturer.


Platforms in the Cromarty Firth.

We are still on our Scottish shoot for Barclays – came across these fella’s last night

“Resting”oil platforms in Cromarty Firth.


The best sky I’ve ever witnessed

The sky this evening was quite the most remarkable I’ve ever seen – anywhere in the world and it was in the UK.

Douneside, Scottish Highlands.